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The Human Body Produces a Variety of Toxic Products 人体内的毒素是怎样产生的?

The Human Body Produces a Variety of Toxic Products

There are several number of organs throughout the body responsible for the process of digestion, right from the oesophagus to the stomach, small intestine, colon of bowel before being expelled from the body through the anus. The complex process of the remains of food after nutrients have been removed and the excretion of waste products need 12-24 hours to complete.

Unexpelled toxic waste produce their own by-products and if these are not eliminated, it can be poison itself. You can have bloated tummies, dizziness and discomfort setting in. Ensure that this does not happen regularly.

Other factors can give a clogging nature to our bodies. We start to feel bad when we become tired, stressed, hormones being ill-balanced and as these take shape, we may be facing problems like memory failures, fatigue, yellowish skins, constipation, piles growth, becoming obese.

It may seem queer to think of the lungs as organs of excretion but carbon dioxide is another waste product excreted by the body. If carbon dioxide starts dissolving in the blood, it can bring about respiratory failure.

Free-radicals in the body can be a fundamental cause of diminishing collagen fibres thus giving rise to the onset of wrinkles, pigmentation, industrial development giving rise to cancer etc...

Protein is the most complex of all food elements and the assimilation and utilization are rather complicated. But the easiest food for the body to break down is fruit. Detoxifi-cation is cleansing and the cleansing aspect of fruit washes impacted fecal matter from the intestinal walls. This is why water drunk first thing in the morning (around 200ml) is a wise move and exercise keeps you in good form, making you feel light and renewed.

Carrots or sea kelp are good food to eliminate body waste. Black wood ear fungus is also good. The later can remove dirty cells from the plague attached to the intestines this like they are being scrubbed clean.

Curdled pig's blood has raised many eyebrows as it is thought to be a good cleanser so has the properties of green tea for nicotine removal. Red wine is good for the heart, fresh ginger acts as a barrier from simple germs and green beans may help to detoxify simple toxic material.

Perspiration, urine are other methods of waste removal from the body.

A gradual approach to exercise daily like going for brisk walks or playing a game of basketball, volleyball, cycling or trekking gives you a healthier lifestyle as it helps you to cope with stress. Drink more water when you exercise and take warm bath using water in the 35 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius region. As the pores open, toxins are released through sweat. Always remember that exercise is a health system which supports general wellness.

by C M Dr. Allen K.M. Pang (Doctor of Chinese Medicine)
☆ Medical Advisor of Xiamen Ren De Hospital
☆ Regional Representative of Nanjing TCM University
☆ President of SEL & KL Association of China Graduated Chinese Physicians
☆ Guest Lecturer of Hong Kong Wah Ha TCM College
☆ Director Jiangxi TCM University Malaysia Tutoring Centre
☆ Vice Chairman (Overseas) of Xiamen TCM & Medicine Promoting Association.



除了人体本身的新陈代谢紊乱会产生毒素之外, 我们身边周围的环境亦可产生一些对人体有害的物质通过呼吸饮食进入人体。肺是人体最易积存毒素的器官之一。自然界中的粉尘、有害气体与金属微粒及工业废气中的有毒物质,都能通过呼吸进入气管,最后进入肺泡,不但肺要受到伤害,有毒物质还能潜入血液循环而株连全身。





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