Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Kuih Sarang 蜂巢糕

A) ½ can sweetened condensed milk (194g)
3 tbsps butter
B) Sieved together:
120g low-protein flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
C) 5 eggs (grade A)
D) 230g caster sugar
200ml hot water
1. Beat condensed milk and butter from ingredient (A) till pale and fluffy. Fold in ingredient (B).
2. In another mixing bowl, beat eggs of ingredient (C) till fluffy. Add into no.(1) and fold well.
3. Caramel sugar of ingredient (D) in a thick-based pot till it dissolves. Add in hot water and stir till it forms a syrup. Turn off heat.
4. Fold no.(3) into no.(2) but do not overfold or air bubbles will be deflated.
Grease and line an 8” x 4” oblong cake tin. Pour in cake mixture and bake at 200°C for 40 minutes. Check if cake is done.

Tips: Slice cake horizontally to see the tiny holes. Other names for this cake are Caramel, Beehive or Kuih Sarang.

A: 炼乳半罐(194克),牛油3汤匙
B: 低筋面粉120克,发粉1茶匙
C: 鸡蛋5粒(A级)
D: 幼糖230克
1. 将A料的炼乳及牛油以搅拌器打至蓬松浅白,加入B料的粉类。
2. 另外一个碗内,将C料的鸡蛋打至松发,加入(1)拌匀。
3. 将D料的幼糖放入一个厚底锅煮溶至褐色,加入热水搅至形成糖酱,熄火。
4. 将(3)倒入(1)内拌匀,不要搅拌过度以免面糊内的气泡消失。




Busy Mummy said...

Catherine, if my oven's maximum temperature is 180degrees, then wat is the time i nd to bake the cake?

Y3K food & travel said...

Test with a bamboo pick. If the kuih does not cook within the time mentioned, you can add another 10-20 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I tried the recipe you provided, the taste was good.. unfortunately, there is no beehive in the cake. only the very bottom of the cake have holes on it. May I know why I failed? I've followed the steps and everything you said.. but still fail.


Yin said...

No ingredient D found in the ingredients list until i read chinese version. Please update accordingly.

What is the diferent between Honey Comb cake and Kuih Sarang. Is same type of cake?