Tuesday, 17 November 2009

第十一届国际中文书展11th WORLD BOOK FAIR

Free Medical consultation by Y3K and Dr. Chong Fee Lan at World Of Chinese Book Fair, MIECC (The Mines) today(24-11-2009), 3.30pm - 5.00 pm (Stage 2).

Location: MIECC, Mines Resort City Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

日期 Date: 20/11 ~ 29/11/2009
时间 Time: 10am-10pm daily

Meet "Y3K" at booth no. L22

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Little Cookies Earn Big $ 做小饼 赚大钱

Little Cookies Earn Big $ (Available now!)

In a run-up to CNY, every family spring cleans the house. This is in line with the renewal process as it makes the world go round. Prayers often centre around blessings for a blissful marriage, elevated position in one's career, brilliant off springs with good study marks or another year of good health.

Traditional practices are still observed. The halls are decked with blooming plants, new clothes are sewn, festive dishes are planned or hampers sent to the elders. It may be a season of goodwill for the affluent but for a cash-strapped family, it can be a tight season as it coincides with a new semester as money is needed for school books, uniform, shoes and transport.

Wise housewives may resort to earning some festive money like baking cookies for sale. Perhaps, mini goals would be a good way to start. If opportunity does not present itself, she will create the opportunity. Readers can look up our other festive cookies books like "New Year Cookies" and "Cookies". With another new volume created by Coco, it may continue to impact the lives of many industrious people. baking cookies can be both sustainable and rewarding in a home business opportunity.

做小饼 赚大钱





Mmm... Cartoon Ideas

(Makes 36 pieces, cost approx. cost RM4.00)

A: 180g butter
30g egg whites
80g icing sugar
B: 180g plain flour
80g rice flour
80g cornflour (butterly brand)
Utensil needed:
Some cartoon moulds

1. Preheat oven to 150 degrees Celsius.

2. Cream ingredient (A) till combined. Fold in ingredient (B). Use a rubber spatula to fold
ingredients into a soft dough. Keep in-between a plastic sheet, roll flat. Keep dough sheet in the refrigerator, chill dough till semi-hard.

3. Remove no.(2) from the refrigerator. Stamp out cookies using different cartoon moulds.
Arrange on lined baking trays. Bake in a preheated oven for 20 to 25 minutes. Cool well and store properly.


(可做 36块, 成本RM4.00)

A: 牛油180克
B: 面粉180克

1. 以150℃预热烘炉。

2. 将(A)料搅拌均匀,加入(B)料用刮刀拌成软团后,放在塑胶纸中间擀扁,放入冰箱冷藏至稍微硬。

3. 将(2)取出印出卡通形状,排在铺了纸的烘盘烘20至25分钟,取出待凉后,收在不透风罐子。

一套售价RM8 per set

RM8 + RM5 (西马快邮 - 市区范围 West M'sia by courier service - Urban area) = RM13

RM8 + RM10 (东马快邮 - 市区范围 East M'sia by courier service - Urban area) = RM18


RM20 (Little Cookies Earn Big $) + RM8 (One set of 6 animal moulds) = RM28(一套售价).

RM28 + RM5 (西马快邮 - 市区范围 West M'sia by courier service - Urban area) = RM33

RM28 + RM10 (东马快邮 - 市区范围 East M'sia by courier service - Urban area) = RM38

Enquiries: y3krecipes@gmail.com or call 03-89453000 Fax: 03-8945 0888

Available at most Baking ingredient shops.

Singapore: selling at CK Tang Basement 1 Electrical Department - Ponza (company selling water filter).