Thursday, 22 October 2009

A Beautiful Bloom Of Cake

Y3K Issue no.40: Tasty Steamed Food (Jan/ Feb 2008) SOLD OUT
60 Recipes For The Lunar New Year.

Ingredient A:
8 chilled eggs (grade A)
250g caster sugar
1 tbsp cake improver
Ingredient B: sieved together
350g superfine flour
1 tsp double action baking powder
Ingredient C:
70ml Seven-Up aerated water
Ingredient D:
Some caster sugar
Material & utensil needed:
A big sheet of greaseproof paper
An 8" mould (see photo)
Stamps design with words
Dash of red colouring
  1. Fill a wok with a lot of water. Add in knotted pandan leaves. Place in the steamer utensil and cover wok. Turn on medium heat and bring water to a boil.
  2. Beat ingredient (A) in a mixer until it has reached a white and thick consistency.
  3. Pour no.(2) into a big mixing bowl. Sieve in ingredient (B) in small batches and fold. Stir in ingredient (C) and mix to a thick batter.
  4. Line the eight inches mould with greaseproof paper (leave extra paper surrounding mould). Pour in no.(3), use a spoon to dust in some sugar of ingredient (D) to form the word of "Y". Wipe wok cover dry. Place in batter to steam. Cover wok once more. Turn to high heat, steam for 30-35 minutes. Insert a skewer in to check for doneness. There should be no batter bits clinging to the skewer.
  5. Drip some red colouring into a bowl. Brush colouring onto stamp designs and print words on no.(4). Cool cake.
Tips: The pandan leaves give out a nice aroma in the wok and helps to drive away the eggs' fishy smell. Chilled eggs work well with cake improver and shortens the beating time. Use a mould with a bigger diameter on top and tapers to a smaller base. This helps the cake to blossom.

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