Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Little Cookies Earn Big $ 做小饼 赚大钱

Little Cookies Earn Big $ (Available now!)

In a run-up to CNY, every family spring cleans the house. This is in line with the renewal process as it makes the world go round. Prayers often centre around blessings for a blissful marriage, elevated position in one's career, brilliant off springs with good study marks or another year of good health.

Traditional practices are still observed. The halls are decked with blooming plants, new clothes are sewn, festive dishes are planned or hampers sent to the elders. It may be a season of goodwill for the affluent but for a cash-strapped family, it can be a tight season as it coincides with a new semester as money is needed for school books, uniform, shoes and transport.

Wise housewives may resort to earning some festive money like baking cookies for sale. Perhaps, mini goals would be a good way to start. If opportunity does not present itself, she will create the opportunity. Readers can look up our other festive cookies books like "New Year Cookies" and "Cookies". With another new volume created by Coco, it may continue to impact the lives of many industrious people. baking cookies can be both sustainable and rewarding in a home business opportunity.

做小饼 赚大钱





Mmm... Cartoon Ideas

(Makes 36 pieces, cost approx. cost RM4.00)

A: 180g butter
30g egg whites
80g icing sugar
B: 180g plain flour
80g rice flour
80g cornflour (butterly brand)
Utensil needed:
Some cartoon moulds

1. Preheat oven to 150 degrees Celsius.

2. Cream ingredient (A) till combined. Fold in ingredient (B). Use a rubber spatula to fold
ingredients into a soft dough. Keep in-between a plastic sheet, roll flat. Keep dough sheet in the refrigerator, chill dough till semi-hard.

3. Remove no.(2) from the refrigerator. Stamp out cookies using different cartoon moulds.
Arrange on lined baking trays. Bake in a preheated oven for 20 to 25 minutes. Cool well and store properly.


(可做 36块, 成本RM4.00)

A: 牛油180克
B: 面粉180克

1. 以150℃预热烘炉。

2. 将(A)料搅拌均匀,加入(B)料用刮刀拌成软团后,放在塑胶纸中间擀扁,放入冰箱冷藏至稍微硬。

3. 将(2)取出印出卡通形状,排在铺了纸的烘盘烘20至25分钟,取出待凉后,收在不透风罐子。

一套售价RM8 per set

RM8 + RM5 (西马快邮 - 市区范围 West M'sia by courier service - Urban area) = RM13

RM8 + RM10 (东马快邮 - 市区范围 East M'sia by courier service - Urban area) = RM18


RM20 (Little Cookies Earn Big $) + RM8 (One set of 6 animal moulds) = RM28(一套售价).

RM28 + RM5 (西马快邮 - 市区范围 West M'sia by courier service - Urban area) = RM33

RM28 + RM10 (东马快邮 - 市区范围 East M'sia by courier service - Urban area) = RM38

Enquiries: y3krecipes@gmail.com or call 03-89453000 Fax: 03-8945 0888

Available at most Baking ingredient shops.

Singapore: selling at CK Tang Basement 1 Electrical Department - Ponza (company selling water filter).


Anonymous said...

hi Y3K,

I went to City Square Popular Book Store in JB and they said they do not have your recipe book. Is there any other place selling your VOl 15 Delicious Cake book?

Also your "Little Cookies Earn Big" recipe book, where can I find it? I'm staying in Spore. Also your cookie cutters look cute & I'm interested also.


Y3K food & travel said...

Hi Alice,

Thank you for your support.

City Square Popular Book Store and other outlets do carry our cookbooks. For enquiry, you can call sales assistant from the Chinese Department (07-2218970).

"Little Cookies Earn Big $" will be available in the middle of this month.

Cookie cutters can subscribe from us at RM8 per set. Postage charges sending to Singapore will be RM15 per set. Total amount will be RM23.

Anonymous said...

hihi, Alice, you can get some of the books from those newspaper stands or popular in spore...

regarding the cookie cutters, hw do we make payment to your company if we want to buy?

SL said...


I would to know, are the cutters hard to use? Eg: They get stuck inside the mould and the dough is hard to remove?


Y3K food & travel said...

Regarding payment:

Within Malaysia: Bank-in directly into our Maybank account (Y THREE K PUBLISHER a/c no.514280510528)

Other countries: T.T. or through Western Union.

The cutter is made of plastic, it will not stick to the dough easily, unless the dough is too wet or too sticky. If this happens, stain some flour before stamping, this apply to other moulds as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I was keen getting this cookie cutter set, but I only stay nearby your office @ Seri Kembangan.
Can I just drop by and pay you in cash to collect it ??


Y3K food & travel said...

Sure, but it's temporary out of stock. Please come after 17th Nov (Tuesday).

SL said...

if im interested to buy the book + the cutters, how am i going to provide u my address so u cant post it to me?


y3k said...

Please send your mail to:


Anonymous said...

hi Y3K,

I'm so glad that I finally found your recipe books esp Vol 15. at Popular Book Store in JB City Square. I had taken a day off to go JB. Initially I couldn't find it and decided to ask a different sales girl who directed me to the Chinese Dept. I ended up with 3 of your recipe books. Unfortunately couldn't find your "Little Cookies Earn Big". Otherwise wud hve ended up with 4 bks.

Anyway, will go thru your books and practice baking some of the cakes there.


Y3K food & travel said...

Hi Alice,

Thank you for your great support.

Sorry to say that "Little Cookies Earn Big $" had just arrive at our office now (8.00pm 13/11/2009). Will be available in the market next week. This will be the best cookies book we had ever published. It is most suitable for those who start learning baking (it is very easy), love to bake (60+ varieties) and those who want to earn some extra income (cost of recipes are low, calculated in detail).

Anonymous said...

我要问,如果我bank in 给你们了,我的住家地址要留在那里?

Y3K food & travel said...


Shen said...

May I know whether you will sell this book in sabah? With the cutter as well? Would like to get a set. Thanks.

Y3K food & travel said...

Hi Shen,

"Little Cookies Earn Big" will be available by next week in Sabah.

Moulds available at certain baking ingredient shops only. You can order from us, courier service takes only one day to deliver.

For enquiries, mail to y3krecipes@gmail.com

shen said...

I've already emailed the payment to you. Hope to get it soon. Thanks.

Y3K food & travel said...

Order received. Will send to you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

如果已经进钱给你了, 要通过什么方式告诉你?

Y3K food & travel said...


Anonymous said...

now, if im bank in to you , still got stock 〉?im hope that i gei it ....but i scares about the address & contact problem..

may moh

Anonymous said...

now if im bank in to you, still got stock ?im hope that i can get it ,but im scares about the address and contact sending problem ...

may moh

嘉慧 said...


嘉慧 said...


Jasmine81 said...

i'm wondering if i place my order 2day, would i able to get the recipe book + cutter within this coming friday?

Y3K food & travel said...





If we receive your order before Thursday noon, you shall receive it on Friday (within Malaysia).

May Moh:

If you are staying out of courier service area, we can send by ordinary mail.

Y3K food & travel said...

We are temporary out of stock now! Available next week.

vanessa 心 said...


redsister said...

Hi Y3K,
Why don't u sell the cookie cutters with the book? I think they will agree with me. Just another promotions, will get a lot of buyers. I went to KL recently to find Popular but couldn't find them. So I left without buying any books.

Carmen said...

i am staying in Seremban, negeri Sembilan. I am looking for the "little cookies earn big $". I went to the Popular and MPH book store, but this book is not available there. Where can I buy this book.

I am also interested of the cookies cutters. how can I get it. Thanks.

michelle said...

Hi Y3k,

How much I should bank in if i buy 2 st of the cartoon mould?

Y3K food & travel said...

To purchase the moulds or cutters, please mail to:

y3krecipes@gmail.com for enquiry.

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