Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Chilled Corn Kuih

Ingredient A:
Liquid drained from canned corn, add in extra water to reach 400ml

Ingredient B: (mixed together)
30g wheat flour
150g rice flour
45g tapioca flour
150g white sugar
500ml concentrated coconut milk

Ingredient C:
150g corn kernels (canned)
6 red and green gla-ced cherries (diced)

Utensil needed: (greased)
Some cartoon figure moulds or general moulds

1. Bring ingredient (A) to a boil. Pour into ingredient (B), keep on stirring till well mixed over a low heat.
2. Add in ingredient (C), stir till mixture has a thick consistency. Pour into moulds, level well. Steam kuih over medium heat for 30 minutes or till cooked (steam 10 minutes for small moulds). Cool, keep chilled.

1 set 4 moulds RM10 + Courier RM5(W.M.) = RM15
1 set 4 moulds RM10 + Courier RM8 (E.M.) -= RM18





1. 将(A)料煮滚后,倒入(B)料以小火不停地搅拌至滚。
2. 拌入(C)料搅至成糊状后,倒入模内涂平,以中火蒸30分钟或熟(小的模只需10分钟),冷藏后更好味。

1 set 4 moulds RM10 + Courier RM5(W.M.) = RM15
1 set 4 moulds RM10 + Courier RM8 (E.M.) -= RM18


Anonymous said...

With the mould you are using, did you steam it for 30mins or 10mins? Just don't quite know how big is big and how small is small when you mention it, thanks! And how many does this make if I use the mould shown? Thanks!

Y3K food & travel said...

The moulds used are consider small moulds, makes 10 kuihs. Steaming time is 10 minutes.

Amy said...


Just wondering if you steam it unclipped using the moulds shown, when done steaming, you clip it back so it'll hold it's shape and cool it well and then chill it? Also, did you grease the mould?


Y3K food & travel said...

Yes, do it as shown in the steps photos.

Grease the moulds:

Utensil needed: (greased)
Some cartoon figure moulds or general moulds.

wsxwhx718 said...
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Anh said...

Lovely! I wish I could have these cute moulds!

y3k said...

Will be available at some baking ingredient shops soon. Mail orders are welcome.

Busy Mummy said...

harlo, hw to buy it from spore?can we send a cheque or pay thru money order or smthg?

smeichew said...

hi, ust wondering to know how to make mail orders for the cute mould.

Y3K food & travel said...


Mail order within West Malaysia (urban area) is RM10 per set + RM5 courier service = RM15. You can bank-in to our Maybank account:

a/c no.514280510528

E-mail your payment slip and address to y3krecipes@gmail.com

Once receive, we will process promptly.

Busy Mummy:

These moulds are available at Singapore. Please call Agar-Agar Palace Pte Ltd 6733 2223

smeichew said...

1 set 4 mould? which is charge RM15.00,but the shape of the mould shown here only 3(car, fish and rabbit shape mould).


Winnieliu said...

With the cute mould u r using,can I make order for it?still stock available?tq

Y3K food & travel said...

Yes, the moulds are available at RM10 per set. Postage by courier service for 1-5 sets is RM5 (within West Malaysia).

Y3K food & travel said...

The other mould is panda.