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Dear Friends, I will be away for holidays from 6th till 15th January 2009.
Happy New Year !

From Y3K Recipes Issue no.10 - Jan/Feb 2003.


600g belly pork (cut into squares)
2 tbsps cooking oil
100ml red distilled grains solution (see tips)
600ml water
20 pips garlic (peel skins, deep-fried)
Some plain mantou buns (pre-packed type)

Ingredients for simmering:
1 piece red, fermented bean curd (nam yee)
A little chicken granules powder
1/2 tbsp sugar
2-3 tbsps Chinese cooking wine
A little five-spice powder

1. Blanch the pork squares in hot water to wash off scums. Drain well.
2. Heat wok, add in oil and sauté no.(1). Add in water and simmering ingredients. Simmer over medium heat for half an hour.
3. Add in red grains rice solution and the deep-fried garlic pips. Simmer till liquid dries out.
4. Eat with steaming hot mantou buns.

Tips: Red distilled grains (hoong kok in Cantonese) are available from Chinese herbal shops. Buy a little and immerse it in the 100ml water. This acts as a colouring agent and is widely used by Hakkas to colour home-brewed rice wine.


Anonymous said...

Dear y3k,

2. Heat wok, add in oil and sauté no.(1) , refer to this, please advise what is the ingredient to sauté in no.(1).

thank you.


Y3K food & travel said...

Belly pork squares that had been blanched and drained.