Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Acar - Nyonya Style Pickle

(From Y3K Recipes Issue No.8 – Sept/ October 2002)
Copyright of Y Three K Publisher. All rights reserved.
Ingredient A:
1.3kg cucumber (cut into long strips)
5 red chillies (cut into thin strips)
5 green chillies (cut into thin strips)
12 chilli padi (cut into thin strips)
50g salt

Ingredient B:
1 carrot (cut into long strips)
250g cabbages (cut into small pieces)
200g cauliflowers (cut into small pieces)

Ingredient C:
100g shallots (pound)
10 red chillies (pound)
2 tbsps chilli giling/ chilli boh
1/2 tbsp turmeric powder
500ml white vinegar
500ml water
450g sugar
2 tbsps salt

Ingredient D:
300g groundnuts (toasted, pound fine)
3 tbsps sesame seeds (toasted)

Ingredient E: for scalding vegetables
300ml white vinegar
300ml water
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp salt

1. Mix well ingredient A. Marinate for 2 hours. Squeeze out excess water.
2. Heat up 3 tbsps oil. Saute shallots, red chillies and chilli giling/chilli boh of ingredient C. Add in the remaining ingredients of ingredient C. Bring to a boil. Turn off heat. Set aside to cool.
3. Bring ingredient E to a boil. Scald ingredient A and B separately for one minute. Remove, drain and set aside to cool.

4. Put Ingredient A and B into a big bowl. Add in above (2) and mix well. Keep aside for 2 hours to let taste develop.
5. Keep acar in clean, dry glass jars. Add in pounded groundnuts and sesame seeds just prior to serving. Mix well.

Acar is an appetizer.
Do not use non-anodised aluminium ware to prepare acar as vinegar can cause the metal to leach onto acidic food.
Groundnuts and sesame seeds should be kept in airtight containers.
Acar keeps well in the refrigerator, provided, no excess moisture seeps in.

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