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(From Y3K Recipes Issue No.6 – May/ June 2002)
Copyright of Y Three K Publisher. All rights reserved.
1 whole duck (approximately 2.4kg)
2 pieces cinnamon bark
5 pieces star anise
1g Tong Gui (herb)
100ml Chinese cooking wine/Hua diao
1 piece dried tangerine skin/ Guo Pei
3g Oolong tea leaves

Duck Marinade:
300g salt
2g Szechuan peppercorn powder/ Far Chew

300ml water
30ml white vineger
30g maltose/ mak ngah tong
1 tsp Chinese cooking wine/Hua Diao

1. Bring colouring to a boil.
2. String or hook the duck up and bathe it repeatedly for 5 minutes with the boiled colouring.
3. Rub salt and Szechuan peppercorn powder over the duck. Hang in an airy area to let it dry for about 5-6 hours.
4. Mix the remaining spices and herbs together. Stuff inside the duck cavity.
5. Secure the opening with a skewer to prevent the ingredients from falling out.
6. Roast duck in a pre-heated convection oven at 170 degrees celcius for approximately 30 minutes.
7. Remove the duck from the oven. Steam for 15 minutes over high heat. Then remove the stuffing. Deep-fry in hot oil till crispy and golden brown.
8. Cut duck into bite size pieces. Place on the platter with duck sauce. Serve with plain mantao.

100ml Hoi Sin Sauce
100g sugar
10g garlic, minced
10g old ginger sauce
2g dark soy sauce
2g sesame oil

1. Place all ingredients into a small pot. Bring it to a rolling boil over medium heat.
2. Stir sauce constantly, till it reaches the desired consistency.
3. Pour sauce onto a platter Place chopped duck on it and serve hot.

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