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Breakfast Eggs & Egg in a bread bowl

(Y3K Recipes Issue No.13 – Jul/ Aug 2003)
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Breakfast Eggs/ Scrambled Eggs
2 eggs (grade A)
2 tbsps UHT/ evaporated milk
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp butter

1. Beat all ingredients together till well combined. Place it in the centre of turntable and cook for 2 minutes on Medium.
2. Remove while still unset and stir well.
3. Leave to stand before serving with toast or cackers.

Tip: Eggs should appear unset when it is being removed from the microwave oven as it will continue to be cooked during the standing time.

Egg in a bread bowl

1 egg (grade A)
1 slice bread
Some salt, pepper, paprika powder

1. Place bread on a plate, cover and steam for 30 seconds on High.
2. Remove and roll it flat to fit into a bowl. Toast for one minute on High to crisp it.
3. Break in an egg and cook for one minute till it is partially cooked.
4. Sprinkle with remaining ingredients and serve immediately.

Tip: Time needed for cooking half-boiled eggs varies as it depends on individual preference. Never microwave eggs in the shell.

Patricia Fair - Queen Of The Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is simply a very convenient kitchen appliance as the main advantage of it is speed. Easy to operate if you fully understand all the do's and do not's, busy people will find it real handy when it comes to defrosting or reheating a wide variety of foods. It has quite a range of other functions to cater for daily cooking but according to my survey, general families just fail to comprehend on the oven's operations. Y3K has contacted Patricia, an expert in microwave cooking to compile some simple recipes and a rough guide for readers. This should help them to enjoy the maximum benefits on the usage.

Patricia, a lady of many talents, is the pioneer teacher in microwave cooking and coincidentally, the first cookery demonstrator for microwave cooking series on television programmes. She is English speaking but her fluency in Cantonese is remarkable. She has a natural flair for the culinary world and had enrolled for a microwave cooking course in Japan years ago before the microwave oven made it's initial appearance in the local market. Currently, Master Lim Bian Yam is her mentor and on the contrary, it is now 'pay back' time for this microwave oven queen as she imparts her knowledge to other cookery enthusiasts. We have printed four of her recipes in our previous issue and she has contributed five more in this issue. These are positive recipes in order for everyone to enjoy trying them out.


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