Friday, 5 December 2008

Wa Koh Kuih (Traditional Sponge-like Fatt Koh)

Recipe from:Y3K Cookbooks Vol.14

Traditional Koh Kuih, Lap Mei & Cookies(糕粿.腊味.饼干)

Ingredients for starter dough:
240g cold, white rice
1 1/2 tbsps wine yeast (pounded)
1/2 tbsp caster sugar
Some water

Material & utensil needed:
8 small paper cups
8 koh moulds

Ingredient A:
(boiled together until sugar has dissolved, discard leaves, leave solution to cool)
140g caster sugar
400ml water
2 blades pandan leaves

Ingredient B:
300g rice flour

Ingredient C:
1/2 tbsp Eno fruit salt (plain)
Dash of red, yellow, green colouring

1. Combine white rice, wine yeast, sugar in a clean container. If mixture is too dry, drizzle in a little water. Cover and let it ferment for three days in a cool area.

2. Scale out 80 grams of no.(1) after the fermentation period. Set aside.

3. Pour cooled solution of ingredient (A) into ingredient (B) from a height. Stir-well and add into no.(2). Mix well, strain mixture into a big basin and cover. Leave it to ferment for twelve hours.

4. Mix no.(3) with Eno fruit salt. Divide mixture into three rice bowls. Colour each part with a colour given, leaving the remaining mixture in the basin a natural colour. Pour this natural coloured mixture into the base of small moulds lined with paper cups. Spoon each coloured mixture into paper cups. (You get colourful fatt koh)

5. Arrange in a steamer, steam over high heat for 15 minutes. Check with a skewer should. Once inserted, skewer should come out clean with no bits clinging. (If you are using big moulds the steaming time is different).


ZY said...

Thank you for the lovely recipe.

Since we only use 80g of the dough starter, can we freeze the balance and use it for further use.

Y3K food & travel said...

Sorry to say that the balacne of dough starter cannot be kept for later use, but you can use it for other recipes in "Traditional Koh Kuih, Lap Mei & Cookies".

ZY said...

Thank you. I've tried this recipe and my family loves it.

sonampalmo said...

Thanks for a foolproof recipe.....I kept balance of starter dough in d same container n made another lot of wa Ko kuih on day 5..... tastes n looks d same

Anonymous said...

I only make half the amount of tapai beras , so no wastage there.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the recipe, wish to try it. Do you need to blend the mixture? Thanks !


Leslie Lim said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe! I love eating this (: Do you know if the recipe will work using brown rice?