Monday, 1 December 2008

Vegetables & Tomatoes Sauce

Welcome To The Tiny-Tots Cooking Classes Family Recipes For Success

Teaching children to be independent are the best-laid plans. It is a pity many kids of today pursue computer games so much or become a couch potato, grabbing a quick meal watching TV for the whole day. What happens when they leave home and the comfort zone to study abroad? Can they manage to cook for themselves a decent meal?

Many parents were happy to start off their young ones with cookery classes under expert help from Datuk Lim Bian Yam. This is a good holiday scheme, enriching the children's leisure. It helps to build their self-confidence and teaches everyone what teamwork is. Getting children involved in preparing recipes for a meal can instil a sense of discipline in them and promote ideas of sharing.

The big chef with tiny-tot chefs.

300g big onions (diced small)
6 pips minced garlic
300g capsicums (cut into lengths)
4 tbsps flour
900 ml water

Ingredients for vegetables:
240g abalone mushrooms (torn into small pieces)
150g carrots (sliced)
150g zucchinis/ courgette (sliced)
240g brinjals/ eggplants (sliced)
15g black fungus/ mok yee (soaked, cut fine)

1 can tomatoes
4 tbsps tomato paste
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 1/2 tsps black pepper
3 beef stock cubes
2 bay leaves

1. Heat up a wok with 4 tbsps of oil. Saute big onion pieces till aromatic with capsicums and garlic.
2. Sprinkle in the flour, mix well and add in water. Bring it to a rapid boil together with the seasoning.
3. Add in all vegetables, cook till it softens.

(Y3K Cookbook Vol.10-Lim Bian Yam's Favourite Recipes On International Cooking)
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