Saturday, 29 November 2008

Potato Egg Salad

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Teaching children to be independent are the best-laid plans. It is a pity many kids of today pursue computer games so much or become a couch potato, grabbing a quick meal watching TV for the whole day. What happens when they leave home and the comfort zone to study abroad? Can they manage to cook for themselves a decent meal?

Many parents were happy to start off their young ones with cookery classes under expert help from Datuk Lim Bian Yam. This is a good holiday scheme, enriching the children's leisure. It helps to build their self-confidence and teaches everyone what teamwork is. Getting children involved in preparing recipes for a meal can instil a sense of discipline in them and promote ideas of sharing.

Many hands make work light, the potato egg salad is ready.

1 kg potatoes
3 cooked eggs (shelled, diced)
1 cucumber (sliced)
1 bowl carrot pieces (blanched in hot water)

1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
30 ml red wine vinegar
Some mayonnaise and fresh milk

1. Place potatoes in a wok. Add in tap water, turn on the heat to cooked through. Remove skins whilst hot. Diced into small pieces.
2. Add in seasoning. Keep it for 15 minutes.
3. Mix in eggs, cucumber slices and carrot pieces. Mix well, keep chilled.

(Y3K Cookbook Vol.10-Lim Bian Yam's Favourite Recipes On International Cooking)
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