Thursday, 27 November 2008

Mini Doughnuts

Welcome To The Tiny-Tots Cooking Classes Family Recipes For Success

Teaching children to be independent are the best-laid plans. It is a pity many kids of today pursue computer games so much or become a couch potato, grabbing a quick meal watching TV for the whole day. What happens when they leave home and the comfort zone to study abroad? Can they manage to cook for themselves a decent meal?

Many parents were happy to start off their young ones with cookery classes under expert help from Datuk Lim Bian Yam. This is a good holiday scheme, enriching the children's leisure. It helps to build their self-confidence and teaches everyone what teamwork is. Getting children involved in preparing recipes for a meal can instil a sense of discipline in them and promote ideas of sharing.

Fruitful holiday cooking classes for the young ones.

Making sweet doughnuts is not too difficult after all.

Ingredients for Choux Pastry: (pronounced as Shoo Pastry)

120g butter
300 ml water
180g low-protein flour
4 eggs (lightly beaten)

For coating:
Some caster sugar

1. Boil butter and water together on low heat. Once butter starts to melt, turn to high heat and bring water to a quick boil.
2. Stir in flour and turn off heat. Keep on stirring paste in one direction to partially cook flour. Turn on to low heat again. Stir paste vigorously and turn off heat. Leave it to cool for 15 minutes.
3. Add in beaten eggs, in a slow stream into no.(2). Use a hand beater to beat mixture on low speed.
4. When eggs are fully incorporated, turn beater to high speed. Beat mixture for one minute.
5. With the aid of two metal dessert spoons, shape mixture into rounds. Release them into a wok of cold oil.
6. Turn on low heat and deep-fry the balls till golden. Remove, drain and coat them with sugar.

1. Releasing choux pastry balls into cold oil will prevent them from drying out and sticking together.
2. Low heat helps to cook them both on the outside and inside.
3. No need to stir when deep-frying as it is light bodied and floats all round. Interesting for kids.

(Y3K Cookbook Vol.10-Lim Bian Yam's Favourite Recipes On International Cooking)
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